“I got to voice my opinion to a lot of very important people, and hopefully, team digiconn will get more funding to expand the creativity in local areas, making Scotland digitally connected and a better place .”

Jamie, Dundee, #DigiConn (2015)

Our summer has been spent running animation workshops and participating with Youth Highland on the Digital Connections project or #DigiConn as it has become known. We spent a great deal of time listening to what young people want to do and developing ideas and events that would enable them to fulfill them.


We ran two weekly sessions: DigiConn Meet and Animation/ Film Making. Both were well attended having over 200 attendances. Our groups had a variety of ideas some quite modest and some more ambitious. All expressed themselves and most came away with more skills and determination to release their creativity. Through the project we encoutered some incredibly talented young people that the project connected together. Young people created new friends and very real human connections which continue today.

The groups experimented. A group learnt about game design and are putting the finishing touches to an exciting game based in their community. A group of skaters were enabled to create their first skate jam and record it. Gordie created and shared his excellent short film Mothers Day and Adam has inspired us all with his incredible animation Words are Weapons. We must not forget Jamie and Kevin our mascot that inspired the Augmented Reality T-Shirt. This is just a small taste you can check our storify for more information or the links below.

Young people have limitless creativity and are a pleasure to work with. You get a surprise in every session from short films shot on phones, photographs, animation ideas, to new ways of using social media. One outcome we take away from this project is that social media is second nature, natural to many like breathing. Young people are forging connections that cross continents, oceans, the globe. We all take the internet for granted but despite all the horror stories the way social media is being used is exciting and interesting. In the future society will have to re-assess it’s approach to young people and the internet/ social media. We need to guide and ensure safety whilst enabling our young creatives to take flight and dream our futures.

For more information visit Facebook, the DigiConn Blog, Storify, our Youtube Channel.

This project has been funded by Creative Scotlands Time To Shine Digital Phase 1 Funding.